Isabella Carapella

Blk Girls Be Boxing

Stella Binion performs her poem, "Blk Girls Be Boxing."

18-year-old poetess, Stella Binion, captures the burdens of being a black woman in America through her poem “Blk Girls Be Boxing.” Binion, who was honored by Michelle Obama, compares her daily plights through the sport of boxing, “Every morning, I look in the mirror and I see black girl hook. Ever since I couldn’t be the princess on the playground because princesses don’t look like me ― open hand hit. The first time I didn’t say anything when n****r slipped through the white  boy’s lips ― full crouch. The first time I learned to love myself, everyone still didn’t ― backhand hit.” You can read more about Stella Binion here.

Video shot and edited by Savannah O'leary

Audio by Nick Offenberg 

Motion graphics by Isabella Carapella