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GSW Intern Website



-Create one tactile item to be presented to future interns at career fair and can be distributed by school career offices

-Represents Inventiv Health and its companies

-Promotes ideal information on Inventiv Health and its internship opportunities in an attractive design

-Focuses on the appeal of working in the Columbus, Ohio office



The internet is the top source for information. So when potential interns want to learn more about a company, it's important to provide a simple, user friendly website. Through extensive research of users' wants and needs, the GSW Intern website was created.


Users Goals

-Learn about the company and internship opportunities

-What the user will gain from interning or working at Inventiv Health

-The type of work that the company produces

-Apply to the company


Business Goals

-Inform the users of internship details

-Provide information on company departments and sample work

-Show potential employees why to choose Columbus in comparison of other Inventiv locations.

-Have users apply


Alignment of business and User goals

Inventiv Health will benefit when more users apply. More diversity of people applying means new creative approaches to the agency and users spreading word about the Columbus based company. 


Site-map and Wireframes

The research from the OptimalSort and Treejack data helped make a fluent site-map where users, like the ones listed in the personas, could easily find the information that they are looking for. When creating this site-map it was important to make it as simple as possible. The wireframes then outline the placement of pictures, copy, navigation, etc. 

Final Website Features

-Single long page website

-Parallax scrolling

-Sticky navigation

-Social media buttons

-Subpages within each main page

-Application button

-Showcase work and events

Submenu Pages

UI in Motion


Elliot Vian/

Isabella Carapella/

Lucia Vaughan/


Bruce Hamit, Kaila Vanfossen, Kevin Yax, Megan Conley and Molly Loudon


Dani Ross