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Isabella Carapella 2017 Demo Reel

A compilation of Isabella's latest animation work.

Song: "Mtn Tune" by Trails And Ways

Gotham Girls Roller Derby

Meet the bad ass women of the Gotham Girls roller derby team.

Roller derby is often dismissed by the perception of women's wrestling on roller skates. However the Gotham Girls beg to differ. This video outlines the feminist ethos of roller derby and how it empowers women athletes. “Only once you see a game live do you have an appreciation for the immense amount of dedication, strategy and training involved,” according to Eva McCloskey (A.K.A. Evilicious on the rink). 

Read more about how roller derby is changing our perspectives on women athletes here.


Video shot and edited by Savannah O'Leary

Motion graphics by Adam Glucksman and Isabella Carapella

Blk Girls Be Boxing

18-year-old poetess, Stella Binion, captures the burdens of being a black woman in America through her poem “Blk Girls Be Boxing.” Binion, who was honored by Michelle Obama, compares her daily plights through the sport of boxing, “Every morning, I look in the mirror and I see black girl hook. Ever since I couldn’t be the princess on the playground because princesses don’t look like me ― open hand hit. The first time I didn’t say anything when n****r slipped through the white  boy’s lips ― full crouch. The first time I learned to love myself, everyone still didn’t ― backhand hit.” You can read more about Stella Binion here.

Video shot and edited by Savannah O'leary

Audio by Nick Offenberg 

Motion graphics by Isabella Carapella

Queer voices

In February 2016 Noah Michelson, voices editorial director, unveiled the changing of the popular column Gay Voices, to Queer Voices. In preparation of this new found change, the mult-media team created a short motion graphics piece to explain why The Huffington Post decided to change the name and explain how "queer" is an empowering term. 

After brainstorming with the editorial team, I drew a rough storyboard and shot list. This video required unique footage that was shot in studio by Savannah O'Leary with assistance from Adam Glucksman and myself. The footage was then taken into After Effects to be edited and enhanced with animated elements. I was in charge of animating 3 different frames throughout the video. 




Pump the Brakes: Men's Sex Drive