-Create one tactile item to be presented to future interns at career fair and can be distributed by school career offices

-Represents Inventiv Health and its companies

-Promotes ideal information on Inventiv Health and its internship opportunities in an attractive design

-Focuses on the appeal of working in the Columbus, Ohio office



Through extensive research, it was found that a large number of people enjoy picking up brochures and business cards from company tables when attending career fair. In order to differentiate Inventiv Health brochures and business cards from hundreds of other companies, the PopBook App was created.

This app provides an Augmented Reality (AR) experience that shows off Inventiv Health's skills and links to a sleek and simple intern website that provides all the information on the Inventiv companies, Columbus, internship details and how to apply for positions. 


Introduction to PopBook

Technology is rapidly evolving and to make it in the creative industry, one must keep up with these developments and expose oneself to all the possibilities. Between glasses that can pull up personal profile pages in a literal blink of an eye, watches that keep track of your day-to-day health, and phones with super computer abilities, it's hard to understand all the possibilities and predict what is the new "it" item in the very near future.

That's where Inventiv Health comes in. Exposing emplyees to these possibilities is one of the many perks of working within one of the many Inventiv companies. One particulat technique that Inventiv speacializes in is the augmentation of the real-world environment with digital sound, video, or graphics. 

Better known as; Augmented Reality (AR).



PopBook is a simple app where users can scan tags found on the Inventiv Health brochure and business cards.

Once a tag is scanned users will experience a digital interaction with the brochure and cards. 


App Design Elements



To help users identify what pictures are AR readable, we used a simple X within a circle as a symbol.

The symbol was then paced on top of various pictures that represented the GSW portion of Inventiv Health and interacts with PopBook.

AR 3D Models

Each tag is assigned a different 3D model that will appear and animate when scanned by PopBook. The models represent departments that provide internship opportunities and will interact with users when they are tapped. 


Brochure and Business Cards

With this brochure and cards, the possibilities of PopBook become a reality.

The special AR markers located on these printouts gives users the ability to experience a new interaction, literally at their fingertips. Users can now interact with the brochure and 3D models through phones or tablets; two of the most common devices that people carry with them while at career fair.

PopBook in Action

Creative team

Elliot Vian/ www.elliotvian.com

Isabella Carapella/ www.isabellacarapella.com

Lucia Vaughan/ www.behance.net/vaughndesign

Account team

Bruce Hamit, Kaila Vanfossen, Kevin Yax, Megan Conley and Molly Loudon

IQ Team

Dani Ross