Created by Isabella Carapella and Taylor English



Trans-Mog-Rify explores the transformative relationship between human evolution and technology

In the early stages of the work two worlds sit in opposition- the lower screens depict the searching human hand- reaching upwards in yearning for the images that transcend its corporeality {the earth}. The upper screens {heaven}, offer etheric images- circling forms that combine imagery from Alchemy, Hindu Mandalas, the Kabbalah and the sacred geometry of the Fibonacci spiral.

Gradually, as these worlds merge, they shape the other. The sacred becomes the profane as the order and symmetry of the divine is harnessed into the engery of machines. In turn, the human form becomes a replicated cog in its own mechanized universe as striving for divine knowledge is now subsumed into the reductive patterns of social organization through applied technology. 




The drive behind this concept is to show how the interactions between the machine and human can alter one another. 


The machine

Represented by a simplistic object, the machine grows more elaborate as it interacts and morphs with the human body.


The Human

The organic free flowing movements of human shows the elegant nature of the body that is soon broken down when connected with the machine.

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Brain Map

Brain map

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